President Obama, President Of The World!

President Obama became president in Nov 2008 it seems like events of the world have been unfolding at a pace never before seen in this world. The President, leader of the United States, is the most powerful and influential Leader in The World. He has a vital role in shaping the events of the world.

Mr. Obama has the distinction of being the First African American President Of The United States. In fact he is in reality The World President. His election was an earth shaking event itself.

Some call it a miracle. I am one of those people. With his election some expectations were high. Perhaps too high. Many of his adversaries like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of House John Beohner, Fox News Channel, a hosts of “conservative” talk radio show host like Mike Gallagher, and hosts of “conservative” political pundits and talking heads set out to destroy this President. Many say that they disagree with on policy issues only but I do believe that their racism plays a big part in their adamant opposition to President Obama. Their disdain for the president is just plain hate. We will point this out repeatedly as this site unfolds.

The financial melt down of 2008 which helped President Obama get elected in my opinion. This is worldwide crisis . This country is still mired in economic uncertainty even though there small signs of economic good news. We the economy needs jobs and it will take time for that to happen. Why not pass the American Jobs Act? The worldwide financial crisis that we are in now will not be solve instantly. The President is the Leader and requires Congress to do its part. It seems to me that it is in all of our best interest that President Obama succeed. The recent Debt Ceiling fight and the subsequent super committee failure to reduce deficit is a sign of the time in which we live. The up and down economic news, the recent Supreme Court victory for the healthcare act are two reasons that the 2012 elections are so important. Also the so called class warfare is bogus in my opinion. The rich must contribute more. They have more and should be proud to contribute more.

All segments of a society must contribute.

Yes the rich must pay their part as well. “To much is given much is required.” I get it. Most people get. The polarizing political fights in Congress and especially the Tea Party 2010victory leaves this country very divided even today. Over the past few months Occupy Wall Street has made it clear that the average American is not satisfied what’s going on at Wall Street and Washington D.C. People are sick and tired of making all the sacfrice and not reaping the benefits. They believe in Shared sacrifice and rightfully so.

President Obama has enjoyed lots of Foreign Policy victories in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, the end the Iraq War, the winding down war in Afghanistan. He has eliminated Osama Bin Laden. This a huge deal.

Many of President’s critics cannot give him credit for any good thing even though his accomplishments keep piling up. . All his Presidential rivalries including Mitt Romney is not a viable alternative. As a matter of fact Mitt Romney is President Obama's greatest gift.He is a weak candidate. Thank God for that.

Romney's recent trip to London for the Olympic games just proves to me and even some of his staunches supporters that he is not ready for prime time. I blame his handlers for some of this. The question is this, why did you push this man out front even though you knew he was not ready?

The president has made great strides his first term and I think that it is his destiny to be re-elected.

I do not expect everyone of you to agree with me. Let’s be just.

If you agree or disagree it’s ok. Feel free to let your voice be heard. I encourage your participation.


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